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Automation and Control Solutions


 Engineering - Installation - Retrofit – Service - Repair


 Over 25 years of Automation, Software, and Controls Experience working for you!


Software Engineering, Testing, and Installation

    - PLC software, HMI/MMI development, Custom Soft and Hard Motion control solutions

    - PC Custom software in C#, Python and Javascript on Windows and Linux  - with web integrated solutions - Leverage the web for your business applications!   Remote access via cell technologies, remote service and monitoring. 

    -  Cell Control, Data acquistion, System integration, custom HMI development using low cost hardware and state of the art software tools and reuseable, open source software.

    - CNC Machine retrofits using standard CNC controllers or 
      opensource PC based systems (LinuxCNC)

    - CNC motion control software development

Electrical Engineering Design and Installation
    - Control Panel Design, Layout, Fabrication and Installation
    - Custom PC design and assembly for specific needs

Mechanical Engineering Design and Installation
    - 3D Cad prototyping design and documentation
    - Weldment design and fabrication

System Drawings and Documentation


Expertise in Diverse Industries:

General Machine and Machine Tool/Robotic Cells

Food and Pharmaceuticals

Metals Processing

Paper/Web Converting

Welding and Fabrication

Oil and Gas


Transfer Line

Assembly Line


Plastics and Rubber

Expertise in Diverse Control Technologies

Process Controls – Continuous control – PID, SCADA
Discrete Control – PLC, Ladder Logic, IEC 1131 PLC languages, HMI
Motion Control – Soft Servo, CNC, Electric Servo and Stepper, Hydraulic Servo
Drive Control  - VFD, Vector AC, DC